Are You Really Building Profitable, Scalable, Saleable Business?


I want to share this short video with you where I talk about what it takes to build a profitable, scalable, saleable business. And why is it important for you to focus on that.

So these are my thoughts on the matter…

Business is a full contact sport.

It’s a full-time job.

A job that has obstacles, challenges, and pitfalls.

It’s certainly not the easiest choice. BUT in my experience, it can be the most rewarding path. And if you are serious about building a successful business, it’s important to regularly reflect on a few key questions.

  1. Is your business giving you the lifestyle that you want?
  2. Is your business providing you with the financial rewards you want?
  3. Are you doing the things you love and excel at?

If it’s not delivering then you must take action.


Because every day you are exchanging your life for your business. ⏳

And life is happening today. You can never get your time back. And so, living our best life is not something we should postpone. You deserve happiness and it’s important to enjoy every day. Sure, you may have days that you enjoy less than others. But overall you need to be happy.

So, I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions. And in your answers, be really honest with yourself.

1. Why did you go into business? Write a list of those reasons.

2. What is it specifically that you want to achieve in business?

3. What is the legacy you want to leave in the marketplace?

And then sit down and look at your answers. Are you currently on or off track?

Success in business requires a smart strategy, well-executed tactics, and an immaculate mindset. Practice measurement without as you where you are right now. This is not about beating yourself up. It is about looking in the business mirror. Do you like what you see? And if you don’t, what will you do about it?

Building a profitable, scalable and saleable business requires a strategy, a plan and regular reflection and adjustment. Be strategic – measure twice, cut once.


Anthea 🙂


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Over the last 15 years I have had the pleasure and honour of personally mentoring over 2,200 Australian business owners to create their ideal business. I believe that life is too short to be stuck in a business delivering mediocre financial rewards and lifestyle.

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