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Anthea Horvat is a veteran Business Strategist and Mentor with over 22 years experience. She specialises in helping entrepreneurs increase their profits and leverage. She has personally mentored over 2,500 Australian business owners and trained thousands more. 


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What Our Clients Say...

"I met Anthea at a time in my life where I needed fast results. My business was in crisis and it was affecting my health, mind and my relationships. I invested in Anthea's Fast-Track Program and saw immediate results. The biggest skill Anthea taught me was the key of leverage. I mananged to leverage my time much more effectively which resulted in me being in a more positive state of mind. I also manage to TRIPLE my profits per hour after Fast-Track. In 2016 I decided to become a member of Anthea's Inner Circle. This has proven to be the most valuable decision I have ever made in my life. Anthea has a wealth of knowledge, which not only applies to business but also your personal development. Her holistic approach has been a blessing for me and I am forever grateful for the effort she has put in with me to help me to succeed. I would highly recommend Anthea for anyone Business Owner that is struggling with time-management, lack of cash flow, ideas for new business or your mindset is holding you back. The best thing I ever did was admitting, I am not skilled in these areas and it's a continual grind to get better and evolve into a better person/business owner. You need to surround yourself with people that have been there and DONE IT! I am very confident in Anthea's advice, and she fills the gap in my knowledge to help us move forward. Thank-you Anthea." Ben Pursell, LiveFit Personal Training.

"To put it bluntly I have not met someone with the knowledge base that Anthea has for the business owner. She draws on her vast experience including working as an accountant and business mentor to address issues within your business, problem solve then and guidance as you achieve the results that you never thought you could." Brett Hetherington, Hetherington & Associates.

"I highly recommend anyone who has or would like to start their own business to join BMC. The information Anthea shares on her live events and webinars is invaluable. Anthea is a generous and gifted business coach and having her as a business mentor has taken my business to the next level."
Kay Abdullayeva, Enjoy Dark Chocolate.


"I've only just recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Anthea, and what I have learnt from her so far has been fantastic. I've a tiny niche business, created to cater and support my own specific circumstances, and Anthea has shown me, and taught me how the basic strategies of business building and development can not only benefit and grow my service, but will have a flow on effect to my personal life, to better my work life balance. What I like the most about Anthea is no matter what your opinion is, she doesn't object when you voice it, or express it, or try and change it, she helps you use your own opinion to formulate the strategy that works best for you, in your own style. For a business mentor you cannot beat a person that is honest, and tells it like it is, and doesn't try and make you a fit into a particular type of box operator. Thank you so much for all your generous help and support."  Pete Barton.

"I have been working with Anthea for 5 years now, and she has had more impact on myself personally and my business than any other professional I have worked with. I spent two years in the Business Masters Club at the start of running my business. I was good at what I did, but I was not trained to run a business, nor had the mindset one needs to create a sustainable one that I love. I have this now. I highly recommend people join BMC and learn all you can."  Dr Marny Lishman, Psychologist.

Over the past 5 years working with Anthea I have developed from being a ‘person with a business’ to becoming a ‘business person’. In the early years BMC played a large part in keeping me on track and getting the job done. It was in this group through learning, that possibilities opened up and I saw a way to implement systems and foundations for maximum operational efficiency. Understanding that my mindset and self belief have a real impact on results has closed the loop for me. I am now more decisive and confident and can weather the roller coaster life of an entrepreneur – sometimes still screaming but lovin’ the ride!"
Tracey Cotterell, Matters of Taste Cooking School.


"I was an inuaugral member of "BMC" when it started in Perth and have continued working with Anthea since 2006. It was the key to us developing a successful business and learning how to work on, as well as in, our business. The tips we learnt also helped create a great work life balance. I can't recommend BMC and working with Anthea highly enough."
Dianna Gorham, Inbalance Bookkeeping Solutions.